To activate norton setup visit and verify norton setup product key to download and install norton. If you do not have norton subscription do not worry, create norton my account and login to protect your device from malwares, virus etc.

Where to find norton product key?

Norton setup product key is a combination of 25 alphabetic and numeric characters. If you purchased a boxed product CD online or at a local retail store, your product key is inside the box either on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve or DVD case, or printed on a card in the box. It does not contain any special characters

To make you understand better, here is a sample key: xx4xx-x4xxx-4xxxx-xxx4x-xxxx4

Please note that your subscription on begins when you enter the 25-character key found on your product card or order confirmation email.

How to set up norton antivirus?

Prerequisites before norton setup

  1. Before you start the actual process of downloading and installation; you need to uninstall other existing security programs on your device.
  2. Go to control panel, remove conflicting software
  3. If you have old version of norton antivirus, use remove and reinstall tool to uninstall it

Download norton setup via

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Enter a product key” 
  3. Enter your norton account credentials 
  4. Hit the Sign in button 
  5. Now, click the Download button

(This will begin the downloading process. The time required for the completion of this process depends on the speed of your network connection. Usually, it takes three to four minutes to download norton setup.)

Install norton setup

  • When the Norton Product is successfully downloaded on your system, locate the downloaded file.
  • You may find it in the “Downloads” folder of your device.
  • Now, right-click on the .exe file.
  • Look at the install option and click on the “install” option to start installing your product.
  • When the installation process completed, you may activate it on your windows.

Activate norton & enter norton setup product key

  1. Select the norton setup icon on your desktop and press left-click twice on it
  2. Press “Activate” to enter your product key
  3. Sign in your norton account and then press “Next”
  4. Press “Activate Now” and your norton setup are ready to scan, detect and remove threats.

Activate norton cloud backup to protect your pictures and important files

Backups help protect your data if you become a victim of ransomware, or malware or if you experience major hardware issues. If your subscription includes norton backup, you get free cloud storage and the option to buy more storage if needed. You can also backup files to your own local storage device.

Before running your first backup, you must activate noton setup backup

To use cloud backup, you must set the network cost awareness option in the firewall settings window to no Limit. For more information, go to defining the internet usage of your norton product.

Activate norton cloud backup

  1. Start norton - If you see the my norton window, next to device Security, click open.
  2. In the norton main window, click backup, and then click set up now.
  3. Click Save settings and then click close.